About us

RHODO CONSULTANTS is group of passionate researchers and engineers with broad range of expertise in the area of internal combustion engines and turbomachinery. The core of our know-how is collective gain from many years of research at the Imperial College London. Our activities are mainly research and development either to explore new frontiers in engineering and technology or to convert ideas into reality. We aim to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner for our customers in their quest for intellectual properties creation. We also work on providing engineering solutions as well as professional courses in the area of internal combustion enginesand turbomachinery. We do what we do with customers’ satisfaction in mind from day one!

Our Philosophy

  • We stride to provide highest level of scientific ability to understand and explore possibilities to fulfil customers’ requirements.
  • We maintain strict customer confidentiality in all our research and development activities.
  • We always ensure the access to latest hardware and software in finding solutions for our customers.

Our Focus

  • Continuous R&D activity to expand RHODO CONSULTANTS IP portfolios.
  • Integrate the product based engineering activities with consultancy services.
  • Develop and interact with higher education institutions in developing methodologies, teaching and interactive base learning activities.